About Interconn Carriers

Interconn Carriers, Inc. is dedicated to improving our customers’ profitability by providing service at rates that increase their efficiency. Rather than being limited to one carrier, we maintain relationships with numerous carriers, making it possible to ensure the movement of your ocean cargo in the fastest, most economical manner. Whether you’re importing, exporting or involved in cross-trade, Interconn Carriers, Inc. has the capability to provide service virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Full Service Logistics
  • Domestic & Global Capability
  • Pick Up & Delivery at Railheads & Ports
  • Inland Movement by Truck or Rail
  • Documentation and Invoicing
  • Freight Forwarding & Brokerage
  • 48 State Authority
  • Door to Door Ocean Container Movement
  • Slot Charter
  • Tanker Charter
  • Break Bulk Shipments
  • Domestic / International Air Service
  • Air Charter Capability
  • Cargo Insurance / Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Member MMBDC(Michigan Minority Business Development Council)