Marketing & Trading

World Oil Interconn Carriers is a full service energy company with its headquarters in Detroit Michigan. Our business strategy is to gain market presence as a solutions company for the Energy, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries in North America and leverage our offerings to emerging geographies around the globe. Our company operates out of its North American office, with strategic business partners located around the globe for seamless business executions.

Interconn Carriers was formed out of a great need to bring buyers and sellers of petroleum products together. In many cases refineries, resellers, and brokers, all try to deliver products to the buyer in a complex manner. At Interconn Carriers, we work hard to take the hassle out of buying and selling petroleum products.

We are a reseller of petroleum products and we offer our clients the best products and service available in the secondary market. Our goal is to provide our customers with an excellent product, at a very competitive price. We are able to accomplish this by purchasing our fuel direct from refineries whenever possible. We also have alliances with some refinery groups. The benefit of working with a refinery group is that it allows our company the ability to obtain fuel on as regular bases without relying on just one refineries production. These alliances also allow us to purchase product at wholesale prices and we can retail it at prices considerably below market prices.

World Oil Interconn Carriers specializes in offering our client the option of purchasing fuel on a Commercial Invoice, Dip, and Pay basis. That way our clients are assured that the products that they purchasing from us are proven. We also offer contracts for our clients. With our production contracts we are usually able to deliver fuel to our clients quickly. We have become a reliable source of fuels and crude oil to a worldwide marketplace, that is in need of experienced and strongly principled supply firms. We are willing to work hard to produce the results that our Seller Partners expect and Buyers deserve. Contracts are always between the Title Holder / Seller and the Buyer. The Seller expects complete transparency on the part of their potential buyers. Interconn Carriers takes pride in being able to leverage technology in order to assist our clients in obtaining their product needs in a timely fashon. With experience in marketing and sales of Oil based products as well as rocket fuel.